Here you’ll find our latest interest rates for CDs, Money Market accounts, and CDARS. We’re happy to always show you our latest rates, giving you the tools you need to keep track of your savings…whether its for first-time savers or to ensure that you’re on-track to enjoy your retirement.

Certificates of Deposit

  • Minimum $2,500.00 to open
  • Penalty for early withdrawal


Account TypeAPY*Interest Rate
7 Month Special1.25%1.24%
17 Month Variable Rate**0.93%0.93%
20 Months2.00%1.98%

** Rate may change after account is opened.

Money Market

  • Minimum $100.00 to open
  • Minimum $2,500.00 balance to avoid service charge
  • Fees could reduce the earnings on the account
  • Rates are variable and may change after account is opened


APY*Interest RateBalance to earn APY advertised
0.020.02$0 - $24,999.99
0.020.02$25,000.00 - $49,999.99
0.050.05$50,000.00 - $149,999.99
0.080.08$150,000.00 - $499,999.99

CDARS (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service)

  • A safe, convenient solution for large-deposit investors
  • Call a Customer Service Representative for rate information


APY*  = Annual Percentage Yield