In all the time from National Bank of Middlebury’s opening in 1831 to the present, there have been only 11 presidents. While much has changed, much has stayed the same. The bank encompasses, in a sense, a larger family—a community of officers, directors, tellers and customers who, utilizing the latest technology, work together to improve the quality of life for generations to come.

Bank History Timeline:


1761 Town of Middlebury Vermont was chartered.
1766 The first settlers arrived.
1775 – 1783 American Revolution. Much of Middlebury burned to ground.
1783 Settlers returned.
1800 Middlebury College Founded
1830 Middlebury becomes second largest town in Vermont

1831 – 1860

1831 Vermont General Assembly grants charter to President, Directors, and Company of the Bank of Middlebury on November 9, 1831
1832 The first meeting of the bank’s shareholders, originally scheduled for the Middlebury Inn, was moved to the Town Hall across the street to accommodate the 761 voting shareholders on May 22nd of that year.
1845 Bank charter renewed. Bank moves from Vermont Hotel (Middlebury Inn) to its own building.
1860 Charter renewed again.


1861-1865 The Civil War. U.S government needs to raise money for military debts.
1863 Congress organizes National Banking System.
1865 Bank of Middlebury federally chartered as the National Bank of Middlebury.
1911 National Bank of Middlebury opens in new location at 32 Main Street on December 26.
1914 – 1919 World War I.
1915 National Bank of Middlebury adds a Savings Department.
1931 National Bank of Middlebury celebrates its 100th Anniversary on November 9th with a reception at the Middlebury Inn.


1933 On March 3, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders the closing of all banks in the nation, assuring citizens that sound banks would soon reopen. On March 15 National Bank of Middlebury was declared sound and allowed to reopen. “The bank was declared one of the most stable in the nation.”
1939 – 1945 World War II
1959 The post war years brought great expansion to the nation’s economy and Middlebury was no exception. The bank added a new wing to the Main Street office.
1967 NBM’s first drive-up facility is built on Seymour Street in Middlebury.
1972 National Bank of Middlebury automates its bookkeeping.


1975 NBM opens its first branch office on Route 7 South in Middlebury.
1980 Bank implements Automated Teller Machines (ATM).
1985 Middlebury National Corporation becomes a registered holding company of National Bank of Middlebury.
1991 An operations center for data processing is added.
1996 Bristol office opens.
1997 NBM completes a historic preservation renovation of the adjacent Lazarus building allowing all Middlebury operations to be located in a single location known as the Beckwith Block.
2000 Patricia Hannaford Career Center opens a ‘School Bank’ under guidance of NBM Senior Vice President of Operations Laura Adams.
2001 Bristol office moves from 5 Main Street to new location at 28 Main Street.
2001 NBM launched “online banking,” its internet banking product.
2002 National Bank of Middlebury joins forces with Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank and Community National Bank to establish Community Financial Services Group, an independent trust company, to meet financial and investment management goals.
2005 Route 7 office moves from location in Centre Plaza to new building at 240 Court Street.
2005 The Beckwith Block is renamed the Duclos Building, dedicated to Robert Duclos, a former President, CEO and board member of NBM who directed the renovation of the Lazarus building.
2007 Brandon office opens.
2008 Vergennes and Hinesburg offices open.
2023 Brandon office moves from 5 Carver Street to new location at 6 Park Street.