Pay for purchases using funds from your account without writing checks. Use anywhere MasterCard is accepted – online or in-person. You can also use your NBM Debit Card at ATMs worldwide. All debit card transactions are listed on your monthly checking account statement and viewable right away in Online Banking and the NBM App. Set up alerts or manage card security features by selecting Card Controls within Digital Banking to help guard you against debit card fraud.

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Ways to use your NBM debit card


Wherever you see the Tap-to-Pay icon, you can pay using your NBM debit card just by holding it above the terminal. The merchant receives a temporary code instead of your card number to help protect against fraud.

Insert Chip

Just insert your card into the slot on the payment terminal. The chip on your card provides the merchant with a temporary code instead of your card number.


Use the magnetic strip on your card at older terminals without insert chip or tap-to-pay options. This is the least secure payment method as it provides your actual card number to the merchant.


Use your NBM Debit Card for online shopping and services by entering your card information where prompted. Make sure to only use your debit card on reputable sites!

Mobile Wallet

Add your NBM debit card to your Mobile Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay) and easily pay online or in-person with your smart device wherever you see the Tap-to-Pay icon.

Debit Card

All of our checking and savings accounts include a free debit card. Request yours today!

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With Card Controls, you call the shots.

Card Controls (in online & mobile banking) puts you in control of your debit card. You can:

  • Turn your debit card on or off
  • Set up alerts and controls on your debit card
  • Report card lost or stolen
  • Order a replacement card

Your debit cards should automatically appear in Card Controls within digital banking. If you do not see your debit card(s) there, please contact us.

Debit Card FAQ

To report a lost or stolen debit card, please call 877-508-8455 (during business hours) or 866-657-0596 (available 24/7).

Yes, you should contact us when you travel. To ensure your debit card will work everywhere in the world where MasterCard is accepted, please notify us of your travel location and dates. You may notify the Bank of your travel plans by calling us at 877-508-8455, emailing [email protected], stopping into an office, using the secure message option in Digital Banking, or by selecting the “Let’s talk!” button in Digital Banking.

It is also good to make sure your contact information with us is up to date. If there is a suspicious transaction on your card, we may reach out to you to verify the transaction and allow it to go through if it is legitimate. If we do not hear from you, the charge and the card may be blocked. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at 877-508-8455 or 802-388-4982.

Yes, all debit cards have withdrawal limits for the ATM and Point of Sale (POS). Limits are subject to change. Please contact us at 877-508-8455 or 802-388-4982 if you would like to know your limits. We can also temporarily raise your limits for a large purchase or withdrawal. Just let us know ahead of time!

Contact us immediately at 877-508-8455 or 802-388-4982 so we can cancel your card. If needed, we can start dispute paperwork to get the unauthorized charges reversed.

We automatically will send you a replacement debit card the month yours is expiring. Please watch your mail for your replacement card towards the end of the month. If you do not receive your card by the end of the month your card expires, please call us at 877-508-8455 or 802-388-4982.

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Add your NBM Debit Card to your Mobile Wallet!

Adding your NBM debit card to your mobile wallet allows you to pay in-person and online with your phone! Left your wallet at home? No problem! With your NBM debit card on your phone, you can securely pay anywhere that allows you to “tap-to-pay.” Our debit cards are compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Add your card to your mobile wallet today!

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