In the era of mergers and corporate takeovers, experience the difference of a community bank with local decision-making and servicing. Come meet our team today!

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Why purchase a home loan with National Bank of Middlebury?

Local decision-making

Where is your bank’s corporate headquarters? Do they hold or sell your loan? Can you walk in and speak with a decision-maker? Are you important or a number? Who makes the decisions that affect your life? These are important questions. National Bank of Middlebury’s “corporate” headquarters is in Middlebury, Vermont and has been for almost 200 years. We aren’t going anywhere. We’re here in the same place where you are planning to live or buy a second home. Local decision-making is important to us because it is important for you.

Local servicing

Who holds and services your loan? Often types of loans are sold to secondary markets. When we sell a loan, we retain servicing rights to it so we know what is going on with the loan relationship, so we can be there for you if a need should arise. We think it’s important to maintain a relationship with the person who trusted us with their lending needs in the first place. We are not a faceless conglomerate. We are your community bank.

An amazing team of lenders

Our lenders live and work in Vermont. Their children go to Vermont schools. Our lenders volunteer in the communities in which they live. They are not only knowledgeable about real estate values, they are knowledgeable about other things that matter to you: education, health, employment, social services, and safe environments. They know they are not merely selling a home, they are selling a life, and they are dedicated to providing you with the right loans and tools to live the life you want. They are neighbors and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.