Directors of Middlebury National Corporation and National Bank of Middlebury

photo of Caroline CarpenterCaroline R. Carpenter

President, National Bank of Middlebury

Executive Vice President, Middlebury National Corporation

image of PJ CarraraPaul J. Carrara Jr.

Vice Chair, National Bank of
Middlebury Board of Directors

image of Linda HarmonLinda K. Harmon


President, Middlebury National Corporation

photo of Robert W. JamesRobert W. James


image of Michael McLaughlinMichael G. McLaughlin


Clerk, National Bank of
Middlebury Board of Directors

image of Lawrence MillerLawrence W. Miller II


Secretary, Middlebury National Corporation

image of Ken Perine
G. Kenneth Perine;

Assistant Clerk, National Bank of Middlebury Board of Directors

image of David ProvostDavid J. Provost


image of Mike SchoenfeldMichael D. Schoenfeld


image of Sarah StahlSarah D. Stahl

Chair, National Bank of Middlebury Board of Directors

Stacey Stone
Stacey P. Stone


Director Emeritus

Roch F. MacIntyre

Officers of Middlebury National Corporation

Linda K. Harmon, President 
Caroline R. Carpenter, Executive Vice President 
Lawrence W. Miller II, Secretary 
Stacey D. Brown, Treasurer 

Officers of National Bank of Middlebury

Sarah D. Stahl, Chair
P.J. Carrara, Jr., Vice Chair
Michael G. McLaughlin, Clerk
G. Kenneth Perine, Assistant Clerk


Caroline R. Carpenter, President & Chief Executive Officer 
Stacey D. Brown, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer 
Sarah A. P. Cowan, Senior Vice President & Chief Credit Officer 
Grover K. Usilton, Senior Vice President 
Beth S. Buckman, Vice President 
Christopher J. Carpenter, Vice President
Kylie L. Felion, Vice President
Jo A. Holm-Hansen, Vice President
Heather M. Jerome, Vice President
Christopher M. Lapierre, Vice President
Kerry D. Mazzariello, Vice President
Meaghan W. McLaughlin, Vice President 
Christine N. Sickles, Vice President
Sharon L. Brown, Assistant Vice President 
Geraldine L. W. Fox, Assistant Vice President
Becky J. Paliling, Assistant Vice President 
Christine G. Wagner, Assistant Vice President
Laurie L. Barrett, Officer
Jane M. Beck, Officer
William Eggleston, Officer 
Mindy S. Goodrich, Officer 
James A. McKenna, Officer
Megan L. Norris, Officer
Amy P. Piasecki, Officer 
Catherine E. Wall, Officer