Why use mobile wallet?

Safe and secure

When you use mobile wallet, a temporary card number is provided to the merchant so they never have access to your actual card number. Your phone will always ID you (either through PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition) before authorizing a transaction.


Mobile Wallet gives you access to your debit card whenever you have your smartphone on you. So when you’ve accidentally left your wallet at home, you still have access to your money!

Growing acceptance

You can pay with your phone anywhere you see the Tap to Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay symbols at checkout.

How to access and use

Open your favorite mobile wallet app (Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay) and follow their steps to add your NBM card information. You’ll be able to use your device to make payments in-store, online or in-app at any merchant who accepts wallet transactions. Simply unlock your device and hold it near the reader to complete your payment (Just tap and go!).

Use mobile wallet wherever you see one or more of these symbols at check out


contactless card tap-to-pay symbol     

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Mobile Deposit

Securely and conveniently deposit checks in the NBM Mobile App

Using a camera-enabled smartphone or tablet, you can make the deposit anytime, anywhere—no need to visit a branch, drive to an ATM or mail in a check!

Mobile Deposit


Receive your monthly bank statements electronically, saving paper and time.

Avoid sorting through paper statements or having to store them somewhere. eStatements are free and simple. Sign up today!


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