Medallion Guarantees are used only in situations involving the sale or transfer of securities. The Medallion indicates that the financial institution named has been defined by SEC Rule 17-Ad15 as an eligible Guarantor and has met all STAMP Program qualifications, including submission of a STAMP Surety Bond. A Medallion Guarantor bears financial liability should the signature prove to be fraudulent.

  • You must be a customer of National Bank of Middlebury to secure a Medallion Guarantee
  • Value of transfer must not exceed $500,000
  • $5.00 service charge per transaction
  • New Horizon Club members are exempt from transaction charge

Please call us at 877-508-8455 to schedule an appointment for a Medallion Guarantee.

The following documentation and information is required by National Bank of Middlebury prior to performing a Medallion Signature Guarantee:

  • All owners named on security must be present
  • Current photo ID
  • Stock certificate/power showing number of shares owned; or
  • Mutual fund statement showing current value

If the name in which the stock/mutual fund is held is being changed due to death of the current owner:

  • Death certificate
  • Certificate of appointment from probate court

If acting in a capacity other than that of the registered owner; such as executor, trustee, attorney-in-fact or other legal capacity, documents showing proof of authority, such as:

  • Trust agreement
  • Power of attorney form
  • Court appointed paperwork
  • Corporate resolution

Looking for more information about Medallion Signature Guarentees?

Please call our customer support at 1-877-508-8455, we are happy to walk you through the process and schedule an appointment!