Why choose eStatements

Environmentally friendly

Reduce paper waste and shipping with eStatements.

Safe and secure

Statistically, they are safer than receiving your statements by mail.

At your fingertips

View or print out your statements anytime you want.

How to sign-up for eStatements

eStatements are a safe, convenient way to receive your statements. To enroll you must be a Digital Banking customer.

  1. Log into Digital Banking.
  2. Select “Services.”
  3. Select “eStatement Enrollment.”
  4. Select “Get Code.” A PDF will open with a code. Take note of the code.
  5. Close the PDF and type the code into the Verify field, then click “Verify.”
  6. The Statement Delivery screen will appear. Click the pencil next to an account to change the Delivery Type to e-Statement. An email address is required for e-statements. When ready, click Save.

Ready to start receiving eStatements?

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