NBM customers can use mobile wallets for convenient purchasing on-the-go.

Many devices come with a mobile wallet already installed, so all you need to do to get started is to open your favorite mobile wallet app (Apple Pay, Google Pay or SamsungPay) and add your NBM card information! You’ll be able to use your device to make payments in-store, online or in-app at any merchant who accepts wallet transactions. Simply hold your device near the reader to complete your payment (Just tap and go!).

Another great asset of these mobile wallets is that they are secure! They don’t store your actual card numbers and the card information is encrypted. A separate security code is generated for each transaction and before the transaction is completed, you’ll need to enter either a passcode or use your device’s touch ID feature. These features, in addition to National Bank of Middlebury’s security measures already in place, help guard against fraud.

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