Stay Alert to Scams and Fraud

April 15, 2020

With new government programs coming out for people and businesses including the Economic Impact Payments (stimulus checks) and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, we must be vigilant to fraudsters and scam artists who are taking advantage of the fear and uncertainty and posing as bankers or government employees to solicit information. To help protect yourself, make sure you:

  • Never give out personal or account information by phone, email, or text. If you are unsure about something, call the bank directly at 877-508-8455. Scammers can take on a fake Caller ID, so if you are unsure, it is best to hang up and then call a trusted phone number. In addition, be wary of malicious links in emails and text messages.
  • Browse securely. Whenever you log into a website, make sure it is a secure site. Your web browser should show a padlock icon or highlight the link in green to indicate a trusted website. Also, confirm the website matches where you expected to go. The website name you’re looking for should be between the ‘https://’ and the first following ‘/.’
  • Review your accounts often to make sure you recognize each transaction. If there is something you do not recognize, call the bank immediately. If you are not already using Online Banking (or eCorp for businesses), consider signing up for this free service.
  • Set up account alerts. You can choose from several alerts including “presentments” which can text or email you each time a transaction occurs on your account, or low balance alerts to let you know when your balance dips to a certain level. There are other options to choose from as well. You can set up alerts just by clicking “Alerts” at the top right in Online Banking.
  • Try the MobiMoney app. Using the MobiMoney app on your smartphone, you can turn your debit card on and off, set alerts on your card, and set other controls to keep your debit card safe.

National Bank of Middlebury is here for you and we want to make sure you are protected during this time. If you have any questions on these or other services that may help, please give us a call at 877-508-8455. We are glad to hear from you!