How do you bank? Electronically or in person?

January 18, 2016

Bank your way on whatever device you choose, whenever or wherever you choose. It’s banking your way…

Electronic Banking—technology at your fingertips—on your computer, your laptop, iPad, tablet or cell phone

  • Online Banking: access your accounts, transfer funds, make loan payments at your convenience
  • Online Banking Bill Pay: schedule payments for due date and keep your money in your account until the selected date, set-up reminders, structure one-time or recurring payments
  • Mobile Banking via NBM’s custom app., web browser or text messaging: banking on the go on your laptop, tablet or phone
  • FinanceWorks: aggregate all of your account information in one place, categorize, add descriptions, set up reminders, or create a budget
  • Telebank: if you are in a hurry and need to know your account balance or transfer funds, use Telebank

In Person—did we mention we’d actually love to see you? Stop in to one of our branches. We’d be happy to serve you personally. We like getting to know our customers.

For more information, view one of our instructional videos.