How do I transfer between my NBM accounts in online banking?

It’s easy to make a transfer between two of your NBM accounts in online banking. You can even make the transfer recurring if you choose! Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into online banking (just click the Login Now button on the left, then Online Banking).
  2. Click “Transfer” in the blue bar across the top.
  3. Choose from the first drop-down menu which account to transfer from.
  4. Choose from the second drop-down menu which account to transfer to.
  5. Choose the date you would like the transfer to go through. It should automatically fill in today’s date, but you can change that if you like just by clicking the date shown.
  6. If you wish to make this an automatic recurring transfer, just click the checkbox to the right of the date next to “Repeat…” You will then see options to choose the frequency, transfer day, and how long you want the automatic transfers to go on. If you do not want an automatic transfer, leave the checkbox next to “Repeat…” empty.
  7. Enter the amount of the transfer in the Amount line.
  8. You can type a description if you like, but this line is optional.
  9. Click “Preview Transfer.” This will show you the options you have selected. If all looks good, click Complete Transfer. If you need to change something, click Edit. If you changed your mind on the whole thing, just click Cancel!

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