Can I transfer between my NBM account and an account at another financial institution?

Yes! You can transfer between your NBM account and your account at another financial institution within online banking. Note: You must be the owner of the account at the other institution. If you are looking to pay someone you know, use our Zelle® service. Click here to learn more about Zelle®

To transfer money between your NBM account and your account at another financial institution:

  1. Log into online banking (just click the Login Now button on the left, then Online Banking).
  2. Click “Bill Pay” in the blue bar across the top. Note: If this is your first time using Bill Pay, it will ask you to accept the terms and conditions before continuing.
  3. In Bill Pay, click “Transfer Money.”
  4. Below where it says “Transfer Money With Other Financial Institutions,” click “Add an Account” (this is a one-time process).
  5. Fill in all the information for your account at your other institution, then click the “Add Account” button. You will have to wait for two micro deposits into your other account. These should appear in your other account within two business days. Once you have the amounts, write them down and go back into National Bank of Middlebury’s online banking bill pay service and enter the two amounts.
  6. Once your account at your other institution is verified, you can transfer money between the accounts whenever like. Just login to Online Banking, open Bill Pay, select Transfer Money, and you will be able to choose which accounts you want to transfer to and from and for how much. You can even make it a repeating transfer if you select that option.

Questions? Call Customer Support at 802-388-4982.

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