Enjoy state-of-the-art payment processing with the financial institution you trust – it’s the best way to grow your business and increase revenues with confidence. Our product offerings include:

  • Traditional countertop terminals & pin padsTSYS logo
  • EMV and NFC readers
  • Dial and IP connections

TransAction Express™

This payment gateway gives you complete control of your credit and signature debit card payment acceptance, wherever you are. Suitable for retail, mail order/phone order, and e-commerce merchants.

Capabilities include:

  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Recurring billing with tokenization for both one-time and recurring (automatic and manual) payments
  • Direct swipe via USB with no additional software
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ProcessNow Mobile & Wireless Terminals

You’ll always be ready to do business with our mobile processing app, supported by Apple and Android devices. You can process Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards, plus signature debit cards. It is a unique mPos.

Included are:

  • Single screen entry for speed and convenience
  • Secure connection and transmission via SSL
  • Verification or decline notification within seconds
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With this bundled pricing package, merchants free themselves from complicated statement reconciliation. TransFreedom is a solution for simple month end reconciliation.

It’s serious savings made simple:

  • No hidden fees-statements clearly explain all charges
  • Merchant’s choice of fee tier based on monthly processing volume
  • Cost flexibility allows merchants to grow and still maintain low fees