If you are not currently accepting credit or debit card payments, you may be missing out on potential sales and increased revenue! We have partnered with GlobalPayments, one of the nation’s leading providers of payment services, to help you provide a full range of payment options to your customers. GlobalPayments’ best in-class software and payment services remove complexity and help you run your business effectively.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Faster access to funds. No need to go to the bank or wait for checks to clear.
  • On-site, personal service and 24/7/365 support. Incorporating new systems into your business can be intimidating – we are happy to help you set up and learn about GlobalPayments. Also, we’re here to help for ongoing support. You can call GlobalPayments Support anytime at 800-654-9256.
  • Accept Payments Anywhere, Anytime. Point of Sale, Online, Mobile, Integrated Solutions and more!
  • PCI validation assistance. For Payment Card Industry compliance, your company needs to maintain a secure environment to accept, process, sore or transmit credit card information. We can help you know what that entails and assist you in maintaining it.
  • Data breach security protection. This program offers you financial protection in the event of a security breach, saving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and related expenses.