We recommend using either Microsoft Internet Explorer™ (version 8.0 or higher), Safari, Chrome, or FireFox to access Online Banking. The Safari browser works on some models of Apple devices. If you are unable to access our bank website using Safari on an Apple device, the Google Chrome browser is compatible with both Apple devices and our online banking application.We recommend Internet Explorer to access the eCorp application. If you use another type of browser, you may not be able to access Online Banking or eCorp, or your connection may not be as secure.

Whenever you make use of our online banking systems as a National Bank of Middlebury customer, we are concerned about the security of your personal financial information. We therefore incorporate a technology known as encryption into our website to make sure that your data is completely secure.

Specifically, when you access either of these two systems from our website, your browser and our site will switch to a secure mode. This is evident by the “https” that will appear in the URL (or web address) as opposed to “http.” If you are using Internet Explorer, you will see a locked padlock that indicates you are in a secure mode. Online Banking is secured using Extended Validation SSL certificates to provide the strongest SSL encryption so that your account information remains confidential while traveling over the internet.