Consolidated Balance Sheet (unaudited)

March 3120162015
Cash & Due from Bank$7,799,145$9,079,449
Federal Reserve Bank Balance$8,936,260$8,134,184
Loans, Net$209,028,387$194,176,052
Bank Premises & Equipment, Net$7,434,001$7,789,614
Other Assets$13,165,020$12,503,236
Total Assets$326,816,495$316,222,576
Liabilities & Shareholders' Equity
Securities Sold Under Repurchase Agreements$7,522,050$8,681,337
Other Borrowed Money$3,499,052$3,516,642
Other Liabilities$3,513,823$2,954,409
Total Liabilities$295,654,285$286,200,012
Shareholders' Equity
Common Stock & Related Surplus$1,400,000$1,400,000
Treasury Stock$(750,950)$(761,834)
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (Loss)$866,473$826,070
Retained Earnings$29,646,687$28,558,328
Total Shareholders' Equity$31,162,210$30,022,564
Total Liabilities & Shareholders' Equity$326,816,495$316,222,576
Per Share Book Value
885,232 and 884,902 shares outstanding

 Consolidated Statements of Income (unaudited)

Three Months Ended March 3120162015
Total Interest Income$2,613,955$2,492,181
Total Interest Expense$113,001$141,468
Net Interest Income$2,500,954$2,350,713
Provision for Loan Losses$0$100,000
Net Interest Income After Provision for Loan Losses$2,500,954$2,250,713
Other Operating Income$618,626$594,900
Other Operating Expenses$2,446,303$2,479,962
Income Before Income Taxes$673,277$365,651
Income Tax Expense$173,652$47,587
Net Income$499,625$318,064
Earnings Per Share$0.56$0.36

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