Business Banking | Savings & Investments

Business Savings and Investment accounts offer businesses a way to save money . Short-term investment accounts, including savings, sweeps, and money market accounts, allow businesses to preserve principal and earn interest. Longer term investments including Certificates of Deposit and CDARS, provide a higher yielding investment  for your business. 

Business Savings Accounts

Business Savings Accounts provide idle money the opportunity to earn interest. Business Sweep Accounts: This account is a combination business checking account linked to an interest-bearing investment account. It allows businesses to earn interest on excess cash balances.

Business Money Market

These accounts are higher yielding investment accounts that have limited transfers, withdrawals and check-writing per month. They combine the benefit of interest earning with easy access. The interest rate is tiered and you are limited to six transfers per month of which no more than three may be made by check, point of sale or similar order payable to third parties. With National Bank of Middlebury’s Business eCorp, you have easy access to all accounts.

CDARS, Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Services

This investment service allows businesses to deposit idle cash into certificates of deposit that are enrolled into the CDARS Program. The program provides competitive rates and terms, while allowing the depositor to exceed the FDIC threshold. In fact, businesses can deposit up to $50,000,000 and maintain the FDIC insurance.